Master The Backtest

Chris D. here.

At the beginning of my trading career over 20+ years ago I struggled immensely. I could never seem to build up the necessary consistency to allow compounding to do its thing. 

Instead I was trapped in the never ending pattern of making a bunch of money in the good times and then turning around and giving it all back in the bad times.

This tortuous cycle drove me mad. After enough of these cycles I reached my breaking point and I needed to find another way.

I needed a way to turn my trading around from an emotional roller coaster ride into a consistent, predictable and robust cash flow business.

Getting off the roller coaster required a lot of emotional discipline. But there was one thing in particular that leveled me up 10 fold and allowed me to go from a struggling trader to a consistently profitable trader.

That one thing was backtesting.

Backtesting changed the game for me because it allowed me to PROVE to myself that I had a statistical edge in the market. And this proof was especially important when I hit a drawdown.

Before backtesting I would hit a drawdown and then my confidence would die out and I couldn’t power on. I just couldn’t do it.

But after implementing a solid backtesting regime into my trading business I no longer had that waning confidence during losing periods. I could take losses in stride because I KNEW my trading had an edge. I had years and years of market data downloaded into my consciousness from doing manual backtests on each of my trading setups.

Once I had the backtests to lean on emotionally I hit a hard turn in my trading trajectory and since then have never looked back.

What I taught myself long ago I used to make 50% annual returns during the depths of the Great Financial Crisis.

I also used it to make a seven figure killing in crypto over the last few years.

And I will use it again to crush the next market mania we have.

The beauty of backtesting is that anyone can learn it, yes, anyone. I don’t have any special math degrees in quant finance or anything. I come from a military background, and yea I can hold my own with some spreadsheets but I don’t even pretend for a second to be some kind of genius data scientist.

That level of sophistication is not necessary to implement and create usable backtests that produce consistently profitable trading systems.

I can prove this to you in my brand new course, Backtesting Mastery: Build Consistently Profitable Trading Systems Forever.

This course will show you exactly how I start with charts and transform that data into a robust, consistent and highly profitable trading system for any market on any timeframe.

Backtesting Mastery will get you to a place where you can start from scratch on any market and end up with a trading system that you can use with confidence.

It will show you how to conduct a proper backtest and avoid all the common mistakes that come with it.

It will show you how to how to adjust your approach depending on the market regime.

It will show you exactly how to input backtesting data into the actual spreadsheet template I use to this day to build new trading systems.

And then on top of all that in Backtesting Mastery I have included three production systems that you can rip off and use for yourself to get started!

I give these three systems away to give you positive momentum on your journey. It’s so you can learn the art of backtesting at a more rapid pace and reach real trading systems faster.

But honestly the ultimate goal of the course isn’t to give you a few free systems. Systems don’t last forever, and I constantly have to rehaul my stuff.

The ultimate goal is to instead teach you the process of building your own system from scratch so you can approach any asset on any timeframe and find success.

This is what will empower you as a trader. There’s no replacement for trading your own self-made trading system.

Don’t get me wrong you can have success by imitating and copying someone else’s stuff — and that’s often the best thing to do when you are getting started.

But if you want to reach true trading success where you’re bringing in seven figures and more you eventually have to trader your own creation. Because in order to handle the swings that a seven figure account creates you have to have that undeniable confidence in your process. And you will develop that undeniable confidence by trading your own backtested system that you made from scratch.

As it stands now, Backtesting Mastery includes 12 videos with a total run time of 391 minutes which is 6.5 hours of content.

Included in the course is the exact spreadsheet template that I use to create my own systems so you can follow along and complete the exercises with me.

You will then be able to use this template to create your own backtested trading systems once you graduate from the course.

Also this is a living course, which means that over time I will add in bonus lessons and extra content to beef up the concepts covered in version 1 of this course.

And on top of that I’ll be available for unlimited questions about the material on my twitter and email, you will get the access and hands on support you need to learn my backtesting method correctly!

I’ve already taught this method to a test group in the Macro Ops Collective and received outstanding feedback. So I’m excited to get this thing launched and out to everyone who is interested in taking their trading from inconsistent to consistently profitable.

Access to Backtesting Mastery: Build Consistently Profitable Trading Systems Forever will start at $997.

We could easily sell this for $1997 but since this is the initial launch I want to make sure everyone has a shot to get in at a cheap price.

Once version 2 of the course gets completed we’ll launch again for $1997 but if you purchase today you lock in all the course’s future content for life.

Until Sunday, July 21st at 11:59PM you can lock in lifetime access for just $997.

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And just like every single thing we sell here at Macro Ops, your purchase will come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If what you learn in the course doesn’t significantly improve your trading you can ask for your money back and we will promptly issue a full refund, no harm no foul.

Backtesting works. Anyone with a high school education can learn it.

It turned around my trading dramatically and it will also turn around yours. If it doesn’t ask for your money back within the refund window.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your trading and turn create a real robust life-long trading business click the button below and sign up for the course. 

I’ll see you inside…

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